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Dawn of a Dream
Meet the Dream Chaser® – a winged, lifting-body spacecraft that provides a flexible, credible, affordable solution for ISS crew transportation and a viable path to the future of human space flight operations for NASA, international and commercial space applications. Dream Chaser is the product of a dynamic collaboration among well-known, well-established industry leaders, experts and universities. SNC is currently working with NASA's Commercial Crew Program to develop and configure Dream Chaser for International Space Station servicing. 

Developed under our Space Exploration Systems Product Line, we are leveraging our long history and unrivaled record of success in developing innovative space technology and integrated systems. We are changing how space is accessed, explored and utilized through commercial means. Through our depth of capability and human spaceflight expertise, SNC's Space Exploration Systems is continually advancing systems and technologies to support the future of human spaceflight.

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The spacecraft is being refined and validated through partnership agreements with seven NASA field centers, ensuring maximum customer insight and access throughout the development and testing process. But then, NASA is more than just a customer … it is a trusted partner in our endeavor to provide broad utilization of space.
Dream Chaser® Space System Features: